Fluid coolers
for machine manufacturers


ISO 9001:2015
certified Quality Management System

Special cooling applications


Built-in fluid cooler, without metal frame and with nominal cooling capacity 25 kW.

Operating without casing and with electrical managed by the customer.


Hydraulic distribution manifolds designed upon customers’ requests.

This solution includes adjustable flow regulators on the fluid delivery and flow controls (flow switches) on the return side, complete with protective filter.


Hydraulic oil cooler with customised frame and control panel.


Multi-circuit exchanger for cooling three secondary liquids.

Through mains water and high-precision proportional valves, we are able to cool three secondary liquids. Complete with electrical control panel and temperature controllers, this solution guarantees excellent performance in small spaces and without heat emission to the environment.


Chiller with nominal cooling capacity of 25 kW and customized RAL finish.

Thanks to the DUAL TEMPERATURE solution it is possible to handle up to two liquids at different temperatures.


Chiller with nominal cooling capacity of 50 kW.

Thanks to the DUALCIRCUIT solution and mains water condensation, we are able to dissipate a large amount of heat without releasing it into the environment and at the same time cool different types of liquids at different temperatures.